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Our Team has experience helping an array of customers from homeowners and beginners to professional landscapers and contractors. With some measurements and info about your project we can help you decide how much mulch or stone you need. We can also assist you with your project with our professional landscaping services, based locally in Coventry, RI. Much of this product will come palletized and some can be bought by the piece, not just by the pallet. We have a growing inventory and selection of this type of material and have continued to stock more as needed depending on our customers feedback.

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Landscaping Materials & Accessories

If you're planning a construction project, you'll need the best landscaping supplies you can get. Pick a supplier with a history of providing customers with high-quality materials. Visit our store today to view our products. Our goal is to make your project easier to complete with dependable materials. Turn to us if you need:. You can rely on us for more than just landscaping supplies. Our team can help you with a wide range of construction projects, from sidewalk additions to utility installations.

We use excavators and other professional equipment to complete our projects. If you need materials in bulk, you can trust us for delivery services. We can also take any concrete that you need to dispose of. Follow Us x. Follow Us. Follow Us a Menu. Contact Us.

Sand and Fill. Learn More. Commercial Construction. Choose us for commercial construction services. Learn more about what we offer. Turn to us if you need: Sand or fill - Browse our sand for sale to get what you need to complete your project Stones - Landscaping stones can make your property more attractive Soil - Our mulch for sale will help you keep your plants healthy Construction - Build roads and more with commercial construction services Call us today at to speak with someone from our landscaping supply store.

Why should you choose us?

Landscape Construction

Patio paver costs for these styles are challenging to estimate, so contact a local installer for a quote. Quartzite pavers. Overlaying 1" brick paver tiles over existing concrete can often be a cost effective solution to removing the concrete. Visit a Unilock Idea Center.

Landscape Material Yard providing landscapers & homeowners with everything to make your backyard space beautiful. Mulch, Loam, Stone, Pavers, Wood Pellets.

Welcome to Landscape Depot Supply

In having an existing landscape company over the last 15 years, we have recognized that there are limited places to have one relationship for all the landscape products and equipment needed to manage your jobs. Because of this, landscape professionals needed to spend time and money to go to many locations which reduces your billable hours. Walker Farm will offer a one stop shop that allows you to service your commercial requirements in support of the different seasonal services you offer. The Walker family have been part of the South Kingstown community for the last 30 years. As a town community member, it is important that we offer great service at reasonable prices. Supplies and Equipment for Professional Landscapers. Organic Mulch Your customers deserve the best mulch. Landscape Materials Pavers, bricks, stones, and more.

Watson Materials

The good folks at Ri-Mor Mulch and Landscape Center recently teamed up with their sister company, Ri-Mor Topsoil, in order to bring their customers the landscaping materials they need. With this team-up they decided they needed a new website that actually looks as nice as the company and represents what they do. So, we gladly obliged and helped them create a beautiful new website. This new site also features a calculator on the home page and several product pages to make it easy for anyone to know how much mulch they need to order. Check it out here and see for yourself.

Our attention to detail and constant focus on providing only the best service for our customers has made Mason's Mill the go to source for all lumber and architectural millwork nationwide. View Concrete Products.

Where to buy clay soil near me

The unique shape of this San Francisco area patio was created by Shades of Green Landscape Architecture using bands of bluestone with black pebbles. All Mexican beach pebbles are naturally created and tumbled in their natural habitat to produce the most smooth and rounded stones for outdoor gardens and interior design and landscaping. Natural red colour for indoor or outdoor projects Helps soil retain moisture, prevents erosion Tropical landscape with Mexican beach pebbles. Jeny Sod Sells Rocks - CallConveniently located on outbound feeder road, between Telge and Huffmeister Road; we carry a large selection of mulch, topsoil, sand, compost, rock, and gravel at reasonable prices. Rain Forest.

Prices Sand and Gravel near Narragansett, RI 02882

Steward of the Earth. Soil Mender Lava Sand also helps regulate and retain the correct amount of water held in the soil. Topsoil Tampa is a family owned business that delivers high quality landscaping supplies and bulk construction materials to homeowners and contractors within a 50 mile radius of downtown Tampa, FL. Step 5: Appending the Soil Measure the soil to be converted with the help of a 1-gallon container. Where to buy mushroom soil near me. This excavated native soil has been screened and aerated so that large clods, sticks, large clay balls, debris and rocks have been removed, however, there still may be small-sized items present that have passed through the screening process. Easy care, resilient to most pests, this … Buckhorn Soil and Stone. What does this mean?

Turf Master Inc of Rhode Island. Offering a variety of Landscape Mulch, Certified Playground Mulch, Rubber Mulch, Compost, Loam, Stone, Sand, Fill.

Landscape Design and Installation

We take pride in designing landscapes that are unique and beautiful year round. We offer a full scope of services that include planting and seeding, as well as hardscaping, irrigation, erosion control and more. Want to keep your landscape looking pristine?

Mason suppliers near me

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Cheese Company Store. Concrete Products We are the only source for river sand, pea gravel, and stone gravel from 57 for driveways, landscape design, french drains etc. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. Within 24 — 72 hours, a Home Depot certified vendor will contact you to schedule the mulch or garden soil We are currently updating our online ordering process.

A new, easy way to get landscaping in Johnston.

Jam Materials in Middletown, RI 02842

You can find the best prices on landscape, hardscape, building materials, masonry supplies, outdoor living products, and much more along with great customer service and affordable delivery. We specialize in natural stone and stone veneers. Come in and check out our exclusive line Stone Veneer World. Visit our showroom featuring the best natural stone veneers, cultured stones, and outdoor porcelain tiles. We also provide custom cuts, stone fabrication, thermal and rock face services, and more. Transform your yard into an outdoor living space or just add that outdoor kitchen of your dream with our lifetime warranted grills and accessories , pizza ovens, fire pits, fireplaces , hot tubs and swim spas , pergolas , and more.

Soil service bulk mulch

Contact UsYour backyard is a space that should be enjoyable in every way. If your yard doesn't look or feel the way you want, come to Outdoor Living Materials to start revamping that space.

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