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China Doll Plant Propagation

By Nikki Tilley, Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden

China doll plant is a popular and beautiful houseplant. Cuttings from regular pruning are not always easy to propagate, as this is a finicky plant, but this article can help those who would like to try.

How To Care For A China Doll Plant

By Heather Rhoades

China doll is a fairly new houseplant, which has become quite popular and widely available. While their care can be a bit tricky, this article will help with basic growing conditions for China doll plants.

There are plenty of reasons to consider propagating plants from hardwood cuttings. Usually done in the winter or fall, taking hardwood cuttings is a good way to increase the number of plants you have growing in your garden. You can fill in any gaps you might have in your landscaping, create new hedges or windbreaks, […]

Recycled Crafts Turning Clutter into Creative Homemade Garden Decorations

Recycling can turn clutter and junk items into beautiful garden decorations. Recycled crafts are a nice way to personalize your outdoor living spaces. Garden decorations, birdhouses, wind chimes, outdoor lights, and garden furniture made of useless or broken items add interest to backyard designs, help declutter homes, and connect them with natural surrounding. Many people have fun creating unique home furnishings, artworks, and crafts while reusing and recycling useless and old objects.

Handmade birdhouses and fence decorations, playing with wind chimes and flower pots with beautiful flowers cascading down in a striking pattern make garden design or backyard landscaping look spectacular. Aside from the unique appearance, handmade decorations show amazing talents and skills. Recycling crafts add charming details to outdoor living spaces and beautify yards.

Homemade garden decorations look original. The ornaments and functional items create fabulous accents. They offer inexpensive outdoor decor and bring Green ideas into backyard and garden designs. Homemade garden decorations, – birdhouses, wind chimes, fence ornaments, outdoor shelves, and flower stands, are perfect ideas for recycled crafts that add a creative flair to outdoor rooms.

Homemade garden decorations

Creative garden decorations and recycled crafts

All sorts of materials are suitable for recycled crafts and art projects. Glass jars make beautiful outdoor lights. Old gardening tools find a new life as decorative wall accents and garden sculptures. Wind chimes made of old tableware or birdhouses created with old pots and watering cans look fantastic. Flea markets, yard sales, thrift shops are great places for finding inexpensive items for recycled crafts. Turning old into new and attractive is a smart way to get rid of clutter and personalize garden designs.

Use broken items, old shoes or mismatched tableware for decorating your outdoor living spaces. Recycled crafts are a Green way to explore fresh, innovative, and unusual ideas. Crafts made with natural materials look fantastic. You can use them indoors for winter decorating to give a Green touch to your garage, sunroom, porch, attic or entryway.

Recycling old gardening tools and reclaimed wood pieces for garden decorations

Crafts and garden decorations made with rusty nails, broken gardening tools, salvaged wood pieces, old nuts and bolts, large metal keys, old water cans and vintage buckets look rustic, charming, and stylish. Recycling offers numerous great ways to add an artistic touch to your yard landscaping or garden design.

Perforated with dots coffee cans and glass jars with candles make excellent outdoor lights. Wind chimes created with unusual recycled items look interesting and fresh. Ceramic planters and small glass bottles can be recycled for surprising and creative garden decorations also. Old metal boxes and wooden shelves, broken tableware pieces and empty plastic bottles are treasures that your need to recycle for innovative and Green yard decor.

Recycling gardening tools

Creative vertical garden design

Unusual material combinations, a mix of various shapes, colors, textures, and sizes create amazing displays. Wrap some thin wire around the bottlenecks and twist it to create a nice set of outdoor lanterns. Add some colored water, bright beads or small rocks to glass jars with candles and use the unique lighting for outdoor rooms.

Recycling old spoons for wind chimes

Recycled crafts turning old spoons into wind chimes

Neva Starr creates these designs with old metal spoons. The wind chimes are available from Twisted Metals,

Recycled crafts turn clutter into fabulous garden decorations and add unusual pieces to backyards and gardens. There are millions of creative designs. Homemade garden decorations, – birdhouses, wind chimes, outdoor lights, furniture that recycle old things are perfect for Green decorating. Resourcefulness is the key to making original crafts.

Recycling glass jars for hanging lanterns with candles

Simple garden decorations, colorful outdoor lights, glass jar candle lanterns,


Pruning is critical for lilacs, both to promote flowering and to ensure air circulation to prevent powdery mildew and other problems. The right time to prune is just after blooming is over, as lilacs bloom on old wood. Prune branches to thin out the growth (for better air circulation) and to keep the height of the shrub in check. In addition, cut off the dead flowers when they are done blooming. This will prevent the seed from forming and thereby promote more profuse flowering the next spring.

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