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Please note our despatch team are taking a well-earned break and all new orders will be despatched from 4 January. Wishing our members a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Learn more. My Diggers Sign in Register. Plant finder Seeds to sow now Sign in.

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As always, our nursery is centered on the rich history and future discoveries of our heirloom fruit trees. In Praise of Jujubes Like most undervalued treasures with beauty not outwardly expressed by appearance, the Jujube, or Chinese date, is a fruit tha Yes, we know that some fruit trees are self fertile and some need pollinators.

Cider The resurgence of cider is worth a celebration! Cider or cider-like beverages and cider making traditions have a long history around the g Terroir What makes my fruit so flavorful? Why does my apple tree grown here in California produce apples that taste so much different than when I t Heirloom Fruit Trees Exactly what an heirloom plant is can mean different things to different people.

We consider heirloom fruit trees as varieti Preparing Fruit Trees for Winter for Zones The beautiful weather in middle fall may not allow the trees to go into dormancy on a regular schedu When to Harvest Determining when to harvest fruit from your trees, you must take careful consideration of timing.

Harvesting fruit at just t While it is warming up, it is a thrill to see your trees beginning to display the fruits of your labor. So why voluntarily remove this wonderful fr One of our favorite adventurous apples in the orchard is the Hudson's Golden Gem. It is a precocious apple with very low chill requirements, diseas Budding Our Trees Summer and Fall is the time of the year when we are grafting the majority of our trees. Our primary grafting technique is referre Our commitment to growing certified organic fruit trees began as a small seed planted in the soul of a young boy gardening with his mom in their small backyard.

Years later, this childhood reflection inspired Trees of Antiquity, a small heirloom fruit tree nursery. We'll strive to offer informative sights and sounds from around the farm in the next few months. I used Trees of Antiquity to start my orchard. I ordered apples, pears, plums, almonds, walnuts, raspberries, everything! While I was nervous when they arrived looking like sad sticks, every single plant I received survived and have been exceeding my expectations. On the first year I had little apples and walnuts on my trees, as well as plenty of raspberries.

I will not be ordering from any other company from now on. We have purchased a variety of trees from TOA. Our experience has been consistently positive since we discovered this company three years ago. Specifically: 1 Neil has been extremely helpful in answering our questions and working with our concerns. We appreciate this company's customer service! I ordered 11 trees and all trees arrived in a perfect condition!

After 2 weeks my trees already have a leaves! Trees of Antiquity provide amazing service and answered all question less then a 15 minutes! This is a defiantly the best company that I ever work with! Thank you very much!

I am absolutely thrilled with the outstanding condition and size of the 4 trees 3 apples and a nectarine that I just received. I seriously had tears of joy. I only now wish I would've ordered 5 more! Last year I purchased several heirloom apple trees from another nursery.

I waited anxiously until the thaw for my order to arrive. They were 12" tall, though they said they'd be feet. They were the crummiest, tiniest, shouldn't even qualify as whip status things I've ever seen. This is what I feared mail order tree nurseries would all be like for things other than commercial trees.

Boy was I wrong. I just cannot get over how robust my trees are, and so healthy. Be proud of what you do- this is how smallholder's dreams come true:. I received my first order and was very impressed by the quality of the trees, shipping material and communication.

The roots were in great shape. The packaging was minimal but effective in keeping the trees safe. It is so nice to order from a company that is so earth friendly. The company is wonderful about emailing you a shipment notification with tracking. The loganberries are starting to break bud shortly after planting. Thank you so much!

The 12 apple trees I purchased arrived in excellent shape, large with strong thick root stock. They have been flourishing here in Kansas, a sign of how tuff old time tested varieties can be. During the buying process I had several questions that were promptly answered in a very educated and professional manner. Trees of Antiquity is my new go too vender for high quality fruit trees! This year spring is my second year ordering from Trees of Antiquity.

I've ordered from many different nurseries over the years, and I've never gotten better specimens than what I get from Trees of Antiquity.

They are my go-to place from now on. Currently in my yard I have 6 fig trees, 5 apple trees, 1 almond tree, 1 pear, 1 persimmon, and 1 pluot from TOA. They were all very healthy on arrival and vigorous when they broke dormancy. They were also generally larger than similarly described trees from elsewhere and shaped more to my liking.

Every single one of the plants in my yard would be from TOA if they had carried the particular varieties I was looking for. I highly recommend this seller. I do not have enough positive words to say about this company.

Neil combined the orders, gave me the appropriate level of bulk discount, remained in constant contact over about 6 months form the time I ordered until delivery, and worked with me to make sure that my trees arrived on a specific date when I would be on vacation at the property where the orchard was being planted. Seriously - Neil is a blessing. What a wonderful place to buy organic trees! I ordered a Macintosh Apple, they mailed it immediately and I got it the following day!

Neil was so responsive and a pleasure to do business with. It's not often I look forward to writing stellar reviews but this place is a gem! I can't recommend it enough. I will be buying all my trees from Trees of Antiquity in the future.

Trees do extremely well when transplanted. The varieties offered have flavor like you remember from the trees at Grandmother's house. Probably because they are the same kind?!

Order is always correct. Top quality. Search My account 0 You have 0 items in your cart. A Bundle of Savings. Apple Trees. Apricot Trees. Cherry Trees. Fig Trees. Grape Vines. Jujube Trees. Medlar Trees. Mulberry Tree. Nectarine Tree. Nut Trees. Peach Trees. Pear Trees. Persimmon Trees. Plum Trees. Pluot Trees. Pomegranate Bush. Quince Trees. Gift Cards.

Backyard Fruit Trees

We normally hold one annual plant sale in early June. The sale is a fundraiser for our plant breeding program and proceeds are used to hire summer students to help us develop new Saskatchewan hardy fruit cultivars. This is the primary page for the university plant sale. All updates about the sale dates, information about how to order and pick up plants as well as other details about the sale will be posted here first. We also post updates about the sale on our Facebook page University of Saskatchewan Fruit program. The last sale was so popular that we crashed the server.

[PDF] Planting and Care of Young Fruit Trees, UC Master Gardeners Jim Carson and Gary Shimizu and Chuck Ingels, Selling Fresh Fruit at Farmers' Markets.

Christmas SALE Top Selling Fruit Salad Trees

We stock a huge range of deciduous fruit trees they lose their leaves in winter and tropical fruit trees. Our deciduous fruit trees are contract grown for us in Victoria. They are grown in the ground and in June each year they are dug up and transported direct to our nursery where we prune and pot them into mm pots with premium fertilised potting mix. We get a huge amount each year, but they often sell quickly and once they are gone, they are gone until the following year, so start planning your deciduous trees for next winter now. Tropical fruit trees are sourced from Northern NSW and Queensland during the warmer months and sell quickly. Tropical fruit trees will grow in Sydney in a warm sunny position, if you are in a colder area, frost protection may be required for the first couple of years until the tree establishes. Grapevines are also deciduous and best planted in the winter months when they have no leaves. In the spring they will shoot away lovely fresh growth that needs to be trained up a trellis, along a veranda or over a fence. Flowers will soon follow to produce fruit in the summer months.

Do Fruit Trees Add Resale Value To A Property?

COVID and holiday hours. Holiday hours: Some services will be reduced during the holidays — see our Holiday hours page. The right site is an important factor — soil, sun, water availability, frost susceptibility and wind exposure all affect the success of your tree. Some air movement is good, but the best sites will be sheltered from strong winds and salt.

There are several advantages to buying your trees in bare root quantities rather than in pots.

How to Make $40,000 (Or More) Growing Potted Trees

We sell ONLY the trees and plants that we have grown, and harvested fruit from in on our experimental orchard in Winterport, Maine. Each year we add more varieties to this orchard to see how they do in our extreme climate. Hardy fruit trees are a MUST! We do not have time for that. Our Maine tested trees will make growing fruit easy for you. Because they are: more cold hardy than potted trees adapt well to challenging climates can wait a week or two to be planted have much lower risk of transplant shock have much lower maintenance than potted tree.

Fruit Trees & Bushes

Christmas shopping can be tricky, so we've discounted our top selling Fruit Salad Trees for you, this weekend only, so that you can order in time to give the gift that will keep on giving - delicious and different fruit from the same tree! While stocks last. This deal excludes single fruit trees. Christmas shopping sorted. Not sure about delivery? We deliver Australia wide with Australia Post. Read more about our shipping and delivery here.

Fruit Production Books and Publications Tree Fruit Web Resources Small Fruit Web Resources all grown or made locally by the person selling it to you.

Sustainable Production: Grower Resource List

Diversification is key to making money on a homestead. And here are 35 ways to make a little — or a lot — of money from your homestead. Growing trees can be a sound financial decision. But more than that, it can be an ethical thing to do.

How to Start a Small Permaculture Nursery and Grow 1000s of Trees by Yourself

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It is not uncommon to purchase a new home and inherit a fruit tree or two. Fruit trees can greatly enhance the home garden by providing fresh fruit, shade, and beautiful spring blooms that are appreciated by pollinators. As is more often the case, the trees may have been neglected for years and have grown out of control. Regardless, the keys to successfully maintaining fruit trees are good pruning, pest management, and proper fertilization. Pruning is easily the most intimidating aspect of caring for fruit trees.

For more than two decades, California Tropical Fruit Tree nursery has proven the viability of its inventory for successful long-term growth in Southern California.

Planting fruit trees

You can grow your own fruit trees with Dobies help. Picking fruit from your own trees is really satisfying and we have an excellent variety to choose from, including apples, pears, plums, cherries and figs. Take your pick! Selecting new fruit trees can be tricky as there are so many varieties, shapes and sizes. Many varieties are long-lived so it is important to make the right choice. Your reward will be a beautiful blossom in spring followed by your favourite fruit crop later in the year.

We are fruit tree specialists, supplying a wide range of UK-grown fruit trees , suitable for the garden or community orchard, backed by friendly and knowledgeable advice. We have tried to make our website the most comprehensive online resource for buying fruit trees. Fruit Tree Gift Certificates available, ideal for presents for birthdays or wedding gifts. To get started, either browse through our Tree Catalogue.

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